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Weight Loss Injection Program Telehealth

Say goodbye to unwanted pounds from the comfort of your own home with our new Weight Loss Injection Program via Telehealth! 

How do weight loss injections work?
Our specialized weight loss injections contain ingredients scientifically proven to enhance the speed and efficacy of your metabolism, allowing you to break down fat safely and more easily by converting it into energy.

Do I need to exercise or change my diet to lose weight with the injections?
While the injections provide a degree of benefit all on their own, they’re most impactful when combined with proper diet and exercise. What makes the injections really shine is their ability to help you burn more fat than diet and exercise can alone.

No Consult Fee
Get started on your weight loss journey hassle-free—no consultation fee required!

No Insurance Required
Our program is accessible to everyone, regardless of insurance coverage.

Convenient Lab Options
While we accept labs through LabCorp and insurance, local clients can streamline the process by getting labs done with us for just $150.

Monthly Check-In Telehealth Appointments Required
Stay on track with your weight loss goals through monthly telehealth appointments.

Injection Options:


Starts at $275 per month

$25 Flat Rate Shipping


$540 for 2.5mg-7.5mg Dose
$630 for 10mg-15mg Dose

WLIP Telehealth does not offer the Kybella, IV Therapy or SculpSure benefits of in-house.
Telehealth offers 10% off medications and it can be shipped directly to your home.


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