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ClearLift Laser

Non-ablative Skin Rejuvenation

ClearLift in Florence, Cincinnati, Crestview, & Erlanger

ClearLift™ provides state-of-the-art, dramatic facial rejuvenation you can do on your lunch hour. In fact, it’s even been called the “lunchtime facelift.” ClearLift can reverse superficial signs of aging with no surgery or downtime.

ClearLift uses advanced laser technology, combined with specially designed applicators. The technology deeply heats and stimulates collagen bundles to cause the production of new elastic fibers and support elements in the skin. This can remove fine lines and wrinkles, while firming and tightening the skin—especially delicate areas, such as the eyes, mouth, neck and chest. It can also be used on the hands.

The process is painless and begins delivering results almost immediately.  

Full Face: $600
Face w/ Neck: $700
Hands: $600
Neck: $500
*Save $100 when you purchase a package of 4

Is ClearLift Right For Me?

If you want to tighten and smooth your face, neck, or chest without surgery or downtime, and are in good health, ClearLift can be an option for you. The way to find out for sure is to schedule a Free Consultation with our team.

The consultation is your opportunity to ask questions, tell us your goals for your appearance, and gain a thorough knowledge of the treatment before you make a decision. We’ll answer your questions, explain ClearLift in detail, and give you an idea of the outcomes you could expect. We’ll also explain costs and payment options.

What Should I Expect With The Treatment?

The ClearLift laser treatment takes about 20 minutes and is virtually painless. During the treatment, laser technology is used to heat deep layers of the skin with out affecting the epidermis. The heat stimulates collagen bundles to generate new support structures for the skin, tightening it and smoothing wrinkles. You may feel some warmth, but the sensations are mild.

Depending on your appearance goals, you may need multiple treatments. These will be scheduled approximately a month apart.

What Are The Results?

ClearLift can deliver some results that are almost immediate, but the production of the new elastic structures takes time.  Most patients see improvement over several weeks after treatment.  Many report seeing results that make them feel as if they are seven to ten years younger.

Schedule A Free Consultation

Our Free Consultation will tell you more about ClearLift.  A ClearLift treatment costs between $300 and $700 depending on the area being treated. During the consultation, our staff will also explain payment options.

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