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Weight Loss Injection Program + Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

Taking Wellness to the Next Level with Nutrition and Personal Trainer

Introducing Carol Sprinkle for your health and fitness needs!

ZG Wellness and Aesthetics is committed to not only helping you look your best, but feeling your best!

Now offering virtual nutrition consultations as well as virtual personal training! 

How do weight loss injections work?
Our specialized weight loss injections contain ingredients scientifically proven to enhance the speed and efficacy of your metabolism, allowing you to break down fat safely and more easily by converting it into energy.

Do I need to exercise or change my diet to lose weight with the injections?
While the injections provide a degree of benefit all on their own, they’re most impactful when combined with proper diet and exercise. What makes the injections really shine is their ability to help you burn more fat than diet and exercise can alone.

What is included in the program? 
Your membership in the program includes all required lab work, weekly injections, and any other supplies needed to help you reach your goals.

– Includes a Nutritional Consult + 4 Virtual Personal Training Sessions with Carol

– Complimentary *IV Rehydration or B12 Injection each month

– 10% off IV Therapy, Kybella, Supplements, and SculpSure treatments
Once you reach your goal weight, you’ll get a free SculpSure® treatment on us!

What is the Cost?
$795 to get started! 

Current clients can get in on virtual nutrition/personal training sessions for $599 monthly which includes their medications, benefits and 4 personal training sessions.

Carol Sprinkle, NETA-PT, NETA-Certified Nutrition Coach, ACE-CGFI

Meet Your Nutritionist and Trainer, Carol! 

Carol is the former small business owner of Body Dynamics Fitness Center in her hometown of Alexandria, KY. She has worked in the fitness industry for 15 years. One of her specialties is developing exercise routines that are simple and effective for busy clients like you! As a Certified Personal Trainer, group fitness and Silver Sneakers instructor, Carol has always taken a high interest in health, physical fitness, and helping others in these areas. She is also a certified nutrition coach through NETA, which makes her a great asset and reference particularly for clients on the Zero Gravity Weight Loss Program. Carol enjoys and is experienced with working with clients of all fitness levels, and she is deeply passionate about assisting clients to stay motivated and accountable.