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In just its first year of operation, Zero Gravity Med Spa was voted “Best Med Spa In Northern Kentucky,” an honor we’ve since repeated. Our mission is simple: provide a spectrum of cosmetic and wellness services in one beautiful location, where you feel welcome from the moment you walk through our doors.  

Our clients come from Florence, Cincinnati, Crestview, Erlanger, and other cities and towns throughout our region.

We offer treatments that can deliver fast results, such as wrinkle reducers like Botox and Xeomin as well as dermal fillers, facials, hair removal, and permanent makeup. We also provide long term solutions to tough appearance issues, such as double chin, stubborn fat, and facial skin wrinkles and sagging. 

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We offer a full range of skin care and prescription cosmetics from our very own skincare line, ZeroMG Skin System. Feel free to pick these products up at Zero Gravity Med Spa for yourself or as gifts.

Our team makes sure you know about everything aesthetic that can benefit you and help you reach your personal goals.

Erlanger Treatments

Before & After Gallery

When our patients have an improved perception of their own beauty, then we have accomplished what we have set out to achieve: Make our clients feel beautiful. Below you will find before and after images of the services offered at Zero Gravity Med Spa that can be used to help you achieve your own beautiful.

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