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Kybella Results: How Does It Work?


Are you interested in learning more about Kybella results? After all, this minimally invasive treatment could work wonders on your under-chin fat.

If you’ve been avoiding surgery but would love to slim down your chin, Kybella could be the right option for you. But before you sign up for a treatment, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with how Kybella works!

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable pharmaceutical designed to burn fat and leave skin looking younger, tauter, and more gorgeous than ever before. Put plainly, Kybella is a minimally invasive solution to under-chin fat. 

You’ll need professional medical assistance to use Kybella. That’s because it must be injected beneath the chin, into the fatty tissue deposited there. Additionally, Kybella is not an over-the-counter product. 

Kybella injections typically occur each month until the client has achieved the desired result or hit their maximum annual dosage limit. However, results can manifest in as little as one month.  

How Does Kybella Work?

To enjoy the result of Kybella injections, you’ll need to visit a reputable medical spa treatment center. After that, you’ll need to confirm that you’re ready and able to receive Kybella injections.

After your first injection, you may notice some slight bruising around the injection site. This is normal, especially for those who are anemic or who have sensitive skin.

Still, Kybella begins working right away. This injectable drug contains a synthetic form of bile acid that’s known to break down fats. However, results might be challenging to spot after only one treatment.

That’s because the broken-down fat molecules must be whisked away by the circulatory system, and this takes time and energy. However, after the second or third injections, you should see a noticeable difference.

If you’ve been searching for a non-surgical way to rid yourself of pesky under-chin fat, Kybella could be the ideal option. Looking at Kybella before and after photos is a great way to see the results for yourself!

Kybella Before and After

Unlike other under-chin fat treatments, which can take months to produce noticeable results, Kybella typically diminishing fat in as little as four weeks.

Taking pictures before and after each Kybella treatment may help you spot the difference more quickly. However, there are a few common before and after symptoms and issues that are worth mentioning.

Here’s what can you expect before starting Kybella:

  • A saggy under-chin area
  • An undefined jawline

When you’re not confident about your appearance, you’re less likely to enjoy a high quality of life. Our self-esteem can impact everything we do, from forming new relationships to enjoying time alone.

If you’ve been struggling with low self-esteem due to an abundance of under-chin fat, know that you’re not alone. Loosening skin and weight gain are common side effects of growing older. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

That said, there are non-surgical ways to take back your confidence and enjoy the way you look. Kybella injections might seem a little overwhelming at first, but they’re far less invasive than other fat-removal treatments.

And after you start Kybella, you can expect:

  • A tighter, higher-looking jawline
  • Less saggy skin beneath the chin
  • Greater self-confidence

Of course, results aren’t overnight. You’ll need to be consistent when scheduling injections, as missed doses can delay results. Still, under-chin fat may appear to melt away after four to six weeks of Kybella treatments.

But it’s important to remember that these injections can be relatively costly. Additionally, Kybella treatments are cosmetic. Therefore, they may not fall under your insurance, leaving you to foot the bill.

Kybella Treatments: What to Expect

When starting Kybella treatments, you’ll first be asked to fill out a patient history form. This will note any previous health conditions or current allergies.

This paperwork is crucial, as it allows your care providers to avoid potentially harmful chemicals when working on your skin. Always answer truthfully and ask questions if you’re unsure of how to answer.

After your technician or physician has collected your patient history, they’ll sit down with you to discuss your treatment plan. For example, they might explain how Kybella works and how often you’ll need injections.

Once the two of you have agreed on the treatment, they may start with the first injection. However, you may also need to schedule a secondary appointment to come back for your first round of Kybella.

Kybella injections are offered on a one-month basis. This means that you should expect to wait at least one month between treatments. However, you can notice results in as little as four weeks!

Additional Skin Treatments to Consider

Kybella injections are a popular skin treatment to help lessen under-chin fat and sagginess. However, they’re not the only skin-improving treatment you could opt for. 

Some of the most popular and worthwhile skin treatments to consider include:

  • Sculptra
  • Facials

These services range from non-invasive face masks and peels to injectable skin treatments. The right choice of treatments depends on your skin sensitivity and health, as well as your preferences.

Let’s explore these treatments in greater detail to discover why they’re beneficial and how they work. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect before contacting your local beautician or spa technician. 


As we grow older, our bodies struggle to produce as much elastic collagen as before. This decrease in production can have significant effects on our joints and skin. Deep wrinkles, for example, often occur due to collagen loss.

While collagen supplements can help replenish some of that lost collagen, they’re designed to improve overall skin elasticity and health. To get rid of facial wrinkles, you’ll need to consider additional treatments.

Sculptra is one of the most long-lasting, non-surgical wrinkle-fighting treatments available. It’s designed to help your body naturally produce more facial collagen, thus removing wrinkles over time.

One of the most notable aspects of Sculptra injections is that they can last up to two years. This means that most clients won’t need to come back for annual treatments. 


Facials come in many styles, but their primary aim is consistent: To make your face radiant with beauty and health! For example, if you have dead or dry skin on your face, a facial could help nourish and repair that skin.

Chemical peels have quickly become one of the most popular types of facial treatment. Some of the most crucial benefits of a peel include improved skin clarity, texture, and coloration. However, it’s not right for everyone.

If you have sensitive skin, it may be better to choose milder facials. A simple facial using skin-friendly creams and oils is often gentle enough for clients of all skin types.

Still, if you have any allergies, be sure to report them to your spa technician or physician. Doing so could help prevent some of the more severe and uncomfortable side effects of facials, ensuring you enjoy positive results!

Enjoy Top-Notch Kybella Results Today

Are you ready to enjoy the Kybella results that you deserve? If so, you’ll want to contact your local skin treatment center to schedule an appointment. A boost of self-confidence might be a few treatments away!

There are several life-changing spa treatments from which to choose, and each offers unique benefits. Be sure to consider your needs and preferences when scheduling new treatments or services.